Reasons to list your property as serviced accommodation

//Reasons to list your property as serviced accommodation
  • A short term let means that your property is rarely empty & no one wants their property to sit empty for too long.
  • A short term let can bring in more money than a long term let can. Sometimes you could end up with double the money!
  • Having a serviced accommodation can build landlords credit in a very positive way. You’re paying all the bills each month which can make your credit score very healthy.
  • If you’re somebody who works away you can let out your home while you’re gone which is a great way to make some extra cash. It doesn’t matter how long you’re away for, there will always be someone who needs a place to stay.
  • You could even advertise your spare room and have guests while you’re in the property. If you have the space & you don’t mind sharing your home with other people then this again could be a great way to earn some extra income.
  • Seeing as your ‘hosting’ guests rather than letting to tenants it can be a really pleasurable experience. You won’t have to make changes in line with what a long term tenant may require

These are just a few reasons why listing your property as a short term let can be really beneficial to you. Explore the possibilities!

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