Need help with your short term lease?

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Making short term apartment rental easy for landlords

Renting your house or apartment on a short term lease can be incredibly lucrative but the idea can leave people wondering how a short term lease might work, whether it is logistically complex and, when it comes down to it, whether the process of letting your place as a furnished short term rental is worth the extra money.

Guest takes the guesswork and the hassle out of offering a property on a short term lease.

We fully manage short term apartment rentals on behalf of landlords, leaving the landlord with no admin, no time commitment and, crucially, no big bills.

Our process and pricing is simple, transparent and beneficial for all parties.

Short term apartment management

If you have a property here in Liverpool that you could potentially let out as a furnished short term rental then there is a large market to tap into.

People – from tourists to those travelling on business – are searching sites like Airbnb for short term apartments every day and demand outstrips the current supply in our city.

At Guest we make it easy for you to make money from a short term lease set up.

Our process is as follows:

We will advertise your property online, optimising the price for maximum return.

We will respond to all inquiries on your behalf, vetting guests before we approve them to ensure they meet your criteria.

We will check your guests into your property and out again when they leave.

We’ll clean the place, changing towels and linens and advising you of any maintenance issues as they arise.

Guests from your short term lease property have access to Guest 24/7, so they receive a great customer service experience and as a result of all this you maximise occupancy.

To cap it off, we’ll send you a clearly laid out, detailed monthly statement explaining exactly what you’ve earned and what you’ve paid us to manage the service.

Short term lease management pricing

Our pricing is as straightforward as our service. There is no upfront fee.

You simply pay us 15% of what you earn each month.

Since short term apartment rental could earn you a lot more than 15% more than letting on a longer term lease, you stand to do pretty well from this hassle free arrangement.

If you decide you’re confident of high occupancy you can opt to negotiate a set monthly fee with us but that’s up to you and is something you’ll only choose to do if you decide there is minimal risk.

That really is all you need to know about Guest! We offer a clear, simple, fairly priced service.

If you want to discuss listing your property through us drop us a line.

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